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          Jiangsu Haicheng coating become Huaneng Power Inte
          Jiangsu Haisheng coating Co., Ltd. at the end of 2009, become a qualif...[Detail]
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          Ship paint
          Industrial, anticorrosive
          Wind power coatings
                Jiangsu Haisheng coating Co., Ltd. in early 2009 started with Germany Relius technical cooperation group and become relius group in China production base paint. Company from RELIUS company successfully introduced the world's advanced coating technology, but also for the Chinese paint industry ushered in another revolution. The company mainly produces marine coatings, submarine coatings, wind turbine blade special coatings, industrial heavy anti-corrosion coatings, automotive coatings
            Address: Yangzhong Jiangsu West to Bridge
            Contact person: Mr. Chen Tingsheng
            Mobile phone: 0086-13815183958
            Electric words: 0086-0511-88131515
            Mail box: sales@bsfmvcoating.com
          Address: Yangzhong Jiangsu West to Bridge Industrial Park  Zip code: 212221  Phone 0086-0511-88131515  Fax: 0086-0511-88131506  Email: sales@bsfmvcoating.com
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